Carrowcrory National School, Carrowcrory townland, Co. Sligo

Carrowcrory National School, Corrowcrory townland, Co. Sligo

(dated c.1955)

NGR: 173274, 308836

Carrowcrory National School, Co. Sligo

Carrowcrory National School is situated in the shadow of the Caves of Kesh in the townland of Carrowcrory in Co. Sligo. To the east lie the Bricklieve Mountains, Lough Key and Lough Arrow. The tall water-tower to the rear of the school building makes it identifiable from a distance in this beautiful landscape. According to cartographic sources, there has been a national school on this site since at least the time of the Second Edition Ordnance Survey in the late 1800s; although no trace of the earlier school house remains here today. At the time of this buildings construction in the mid-50s, it was provided with all modern amenities: a playing field and concrete play place, play shelter, toilets, cloakroom accommodation and a water tower. It’s design is typical of national schools built at this time but with architectural oddities including ocular windows to the rear and the inclusion of a water-tower next to the shelter in the former rear schoolyard.


Internally, many of the original 1950s fixtures and fittings remain including the original doors. This building is in an excellent state of preservation and is currently being renovated.


If you or someone you know attended this national school, please do get in touch and share any stories, anecdotes, photographs, or any other memories you may have.

4 thoughts on “Carrowcrory National School, Carrowcrory townland, Co. Sligo”

  1. Can someone tell me what is happening with this school please. This school belonged to my family from around 1971 to 1985. I use to stay here every summer.


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