The eerie, tumbling, and empty ruins of tiny one and two-roomed 19th and early 20th century school houses dot the Irish countryside, particularly in areas where emigration was and still is prevalent. For hundreds of thousands who emigrated from Ireland at an early age, their days spent in diminutive these school houses often represented the last formal education they received before seeking a brighter future abroad. Although many of these buildings are now physically empty or approaching a point of collapse, the physical structures are cognitive stimuli for those who attended, and hold a wealth of memory and associations that shaped their understanding of the world around them at an early age. From these small rural school houses the children of Ireland took what they had learned and went out to find fortune and to explore the greater world.

Many of the school houses are recorded in the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage of Ireland based on their architectural merit alone. However, many are absent from this record, and though they may lack aesthetic appeal, they are undoubtedly culturally important as a common and shared focal point within local communities through the years.

I have been  documenting the architectural features and cultural significance of the many abandoned school houses dotted across the rural Irish landscape, and below you will find a gallery of some of the better images from my rambles.

If you or someone you know attended one of these national schools, or if you have any further information about these featured schools – please do get in touch and share any stories, anecdotes, photographs, or any other memories you may have. If you know of  further schools that I could visit, please do let me know.

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  1. Hi Enda I love these photographs snd I live old buildings: these school houses are fascinating. We are looking for an old schoolhouse at the moment for a school for self directed learning , a Democratic school. If you know of any schools especially on east cork or little island Glounthaune city we would live to hear about them! All the Best


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Disused School Houses of Ireland

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