One thought on “Drumcoe National School, Co. Donegal”

  1. Hi,I love your wonderful photographs of Ireland’s Disused Schoolhouses – poignant and atmospheric. During Lockdown 2020, I’ve come across your photographs a couple of times now as I am occupying myself by undertaking genealogical research for my work colleagues at Down High School, Downpatrick, Co Down. Initially I found a colleague’s ancestors’ connection to Lisglennon National School, Co Mayo and now today, I am looking at Drumcoe National School, Co Donegal where a colleague’s greatgrandfather and greatgreatgrandfather, both named John Lyons, I believe, were schoolmasters. One was a ‘Barrington Lecturer’ – I will investigate now what that entailed. I wouldn’t be surprised if my colleague makes contact to obtain your book/postcards. Keep up the great work.
    Frances Whiffen


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